DUI Penalties, Denver Attorney

There are both criminal penalties and administrative penalties for drunk driving. Courts impose criminal penalties, including fines, imprisonment and required public service. The Colorado Department of Revenue imposes the administrative penalties. These include the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, as well as points assessed to your license.

Penalties increase for a second or third DUI or DWAI within a limited amount of time. Drivers with previous DUI or DWAI convictions can face mandatory jail time, increased fines and many hours of community service.

You may be able to reduce the criminal penalties through a plea bargain in court or by undergoing alcohol or drug treatment. Your lawyer may also be able to have evidence against you excluded from the courtroom. When key evidence is excluded on legal grounds, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors to have charges dropped or reduced, or you may be found not guilty.

Minimize The Consequences For Drunk Driving ? Work With An Experienced Lawyer

It is best to have an experienced attorney by your side ? someone who can effectively navigate you through the legal system. Your lawyer can fight for you, taking aggressive action to beat the charges you face.

At the law office of Ron Houg, in Denver, we use more than 20 years of experience to achieve the best possible results for clients facing criminal and administrative penalties for drunk driving.

We often remind our clients that the state of Colorado is strict on drunk driving. People are regularly incarcerated for the offense, and the consequences of a conviction extend far beyond the jail walls. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you need to fight especially hard to minimize the impact on your license.

Flat fees ? DMV included: We handle drunk driving cases on a flat fee basis. When you retain us, you pay one reasonable and predictable rate for representation, including both criminal charges and DMV representation to protect your license.

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