Denver Multiple DUI Lawyer

The state of Colorado takes drunk driving seriously — especially when drivers are arrested multiple times. At the Denver law offices of Ron Houg, we know just how seriously the matter can affect your life. We work to have charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. When appropriate, we take matters to trial to pursue a not-guilty verdict. In the alternative, we negotiate with prosecutors, arguing for in-home detention or work release instead of jail time for our clients.

Our founding attorney, Ron Houg, uses more than 20 years of experience to protect the rights of people accused of drunk driving. Each case is different but, in every case, we work to achieve the best possible results for you.

Let Us Help You Make The Tough Decisions

In a DUI case, the tough decisions start the second that the lights go on behind you. Unfortunately, most people have to make the first few decisions on their own. Drivers do not have the right to call a lawyer to take a blood or breath test. However, they can get a lawyer’s help to challenge the results. This is often the best course of action as labs make mistakes fairly commonly. In fact, a local lab just admitted to errors in more than 1,700 blood test samples.

Flat fees — DMV included: We handle drunk driving cases on a flat fee basis. When you retain us, you pay one reasonable and predictable rate for representation, including both criminal charges and DMV representation to protect your license.

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