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Colorado laws are harsh on people caught driving under the influence of drugs. In Colorado, it is illegal for a driver to be impaired by legal or illegal drugs while operating a motor vehicle. If the police even suspect that this may be the case, they can request urine or blood tests.

If you’ve been accused of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) in Colorado, you need an experienced defense attorney. At the Denver law office of Ron Houg, we have more than 20 years of experience. We use skill and knowledge to prepare strong defenses for these serious crimes.

Marijuana And DUID

Certain limited amounts of marijuana are legal for people with medical marijuana cards in Colorado. While the law permits the smoking of marijuana, it is never legal to get behind the wheel while still feeling the drug’s effects. People caught driving under the influence of marijuana are subject to criminal penalties — even though they may have legally purchased, possessed and ingested the drug.

We defend people who were accused of driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado. We begin by conducting a thorough review of the facts and laws involved in a case. We obtain urine or blood test results, review police reports, and explore other evidence.

While many of the cases we handle involve driving under the influence of marijuana, we also handle cases related to other drugs. These include prescription narcotics, cocaine or drugs that drivers took while at concerts in Colorado such as LSD (acid), mushrooms or ecstasy. These cases can have serious consequences, especially because people are often charged with DUID and other related crimes, including drug possession.

The Consequences Of A DUID Conviction

While you may legally possess marijuana or certain prescription drugs, you may still be doing something illegal if you drive while under the influence of drugs. If you are convicted of a DUID offense in Colorado, the consequences are harsh. You could lose your driver’s license, face steep fines and even jail or prison time. Your career could be impacted, and a criminal record could affect your entire life. The best way to reduce these consequences is to take early and effective action.

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Facing any type of drug-related charge can be stressful, frustrating and nerve-wracking. At the law firm of Ron Houg, we fight hard to defend our clients. If you need the assistance of an experienced and aggressive Denver DUID lawyer, contact us by phone at 720-575-1834.

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