Denver Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Denver is notorious as a hub for drug trafficking. A few high-profile busts have made the papers, including notorious busts involving tractor-trailers of marijuana and cocaine.

The truth is that ? while large busts do happen ? many people are charged with trafficking for smaller amounts. Some are charged with trafficking just because of the way the drugs were packaged, even though they were for personal use. When a traffic stop on Colorado highways leads to trafficking allegations, you need an experienced lawyer.

At the law offices of Ron Houg, we represent people who are accused of drug trafficking on Colorado roads. We can fight drug trafficking charges in state and federal courts throughout Colorado.

Busted At Red Rocks?

Many of the people busted for drug trafficking are visitors to the Denver area who come to see shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or other venues. The police target concert goers, often pulling them over, using drug dogs and searching their vehicles. Checkpoints and traffic stops near venues regularly lead to trafficking arrests for drugs such as LSD (acid), ecstasy/molly, mushrooms and other drugs.

We represent people from out-of-town who were busted at Red Rocks. Our attorney, Ron Houg, answers his phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can take quick action to help people who were arrested and jailed following a show. Any messages left will be returned promptly.

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