Denver Lawyer: Charges Of Drug Manufacturing And Growth

If you are under suspicion for drug charges related to the growth of marijuana or manufacture of methamphetamine, you need an experienced advocate by your side, someone who can forcefully advocate for you.

Large-Scale Marijuana Grow Operations

Growing marijuana is legal under Colorado law ? as long as you stick to the legal limits. Many people who believe they are dealing with a legal grow operation may not be. If you are accused of owning, operating or otherwise doing business with a large-scale grow operation, you could be in serious trouble.

We represent people who are accused of operating illegal grow houses. Many have had their businesses raided by police and their marijuana plants seized. In addition to extensive commercial losses, they face potential prison time for charges of illegal cultivation.

Manufacture Of Methamphetamine

Our law firm also represents people accused of the manufacture of methamphetamine. If you are the focus of an investigation or have been formally charged, you want an experienced lawyer who is familiar with Colorado state and federal drug charges. At Ron Houg, we use more than 20 years of experience to achieve the best possible results in these high-stakes cases.

We have the extensive knowledge, skill and resources necessary to effectively prepare your case for trial. We have what it takes to investigate and challenge the evidence against you, including testimony of witnesses or alleged precursor chemicals that may have been found on the property.

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