Denver Drug Distribution Attorney

Denver is home to multiple drug task forces that pursue rigorous action against alleged drug distributors. Combining the resources of state and federal agencies, investigations are quick and complete. The stakes are high, and the government uses nearly unlimited resources to put people in prison.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested, it is critical to take quick action. Contact Ron Houg At our Denver, Colorado, law firm, we represent people who face drug distribution charges in state and federal courts. Each case is different, and we tailor the approach we take to meet your unique needs.

Sometimes, crimes are charged as possession with intent to distribute because of the evidence collected. Drugs may be found with drug paraphernalia, including scales and baggies, or with large amounts of cash. We challenge the evidence against you. We examine the details of your case and determine if the evidence was collected in violation of your constitutional rights. Illegally collected evidence should never be used against you in court.

When Drugs Are For Personal Use

Often, an individual possesses a large quantity of drugs, but they are for personal use. The individual has no intention of selling the drugs to another person. However, because of the quantity of drugs involved, serious charges of drug distribution are brought. With some drugs — such as heroin or cocaine — a distribution conviction for even a relatively small amount can lead to federal charges and years behind bars.

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