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Five people in Colorado arrested on drug charges

Drug charges are extremely serious and could potentially alter the life of the accused. It is essential to understand all the underlying issues and facts in the situation in order for the suspect to develop a defense. A strong defense will work to minimize the impact on the accused's life and could ultimately reduce or drop the charges against them.

Five people in Larimer County were recently arrested on drug charges. The group was arrested for allegedly making and attempting to distribute the drug commonly known as "spice." The drug is similar to marijuana, however, it is made with a chemical compound that comes from China, according to authorities. Authorities noted that the key element of the drug, which is imported from China, is not subject to regulatory controls so those who ingest it do not know what they are ingesting.

The drug is a Schedule I controlled substance in Colorado. Drug charges for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance can result in prison sentences up to 20 years and fines. Likewise, a drug charge for possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture or distribute can lead to a prison sentence up to 20 years and fine for each count they are charged.

Any drug charges related to the possession or sale of controlled substances are considered serious. Drug distribution and trafficking charges are felonies and carry harsher penalties than charges for just drug possession charges, although they still carry serious penalties.

Defending the charges might help an accused person reduce the charges or drop some or all of the charges . This can be done through a common process called plea-bargaining or through negotiations. The likelihood and nature of a plea bargain can depend on a variety of factors, including the seriousness of the crime that is alleged against the accused person and the strength of the evidence against the accused person. Because there can be differences between federal and state plea bargaining, it is best for an accused person to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced professional.

A conviction for drug offenses can have consequences that reverberate throughout a person's life. Capable representation when facing serious charges can often successfully mitigate the substantial impact a drug conviction can have on a person's present and future.

Source: The Denver Post, "5 arrested in Larimer County on suspicion of making spice drug," Ryan Parker, July 22, 2013

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