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Colorado considers new repeat-conviction felony DUI law

Having the proper understanding of the criminal justice system, and the appropriate tools, can be important to defend against criminal charges.

A proposed law that would make repeated drunk driving convictions a felony in Colorado advanced in the Colorado House recently. Currently, regardless of the number of offenses, a DUI is a misdemeanor under Colorado state law. Under the new proposed law, a driver convicted of three DUIs over seven years, or four over a lifetime, will receive a Class 4 felony. A Class 4 felony carries a potential prison sentence of two to six years. Some issues, including possible penalties and funding, are still being addressed, according to lawmakers.

Denver-area woman arrested in domestic violence incident

A strong criminal defense for any criminal charge can be crucial when trying to avoid or minimize harsh penalties. When criminal charges are domestic violence-related, the charges are not taken lightly by law enforcement.

Recently, a 21-year old woman was arrested in the Denver area for allegedly stabbing a man during a domestic dispute. The man went to a local hospital for treatment of the wound. Police learned that the wound was the alleged result of a domestic violence incident. The woman was arrested on suspicion of stabbing the man in the chest. The woman has been charged with suspicion of attempted murder, violation of a protection order and domestic violence. She has previous arrests for violation of a restraining order and suspicion of third degree domestic-violence assault.

Alleged drunk driver faces murder charges in death of Denver teen

Although DUI accidents are often unquestionably tragic, any party facing DUI, or other, criminal charges has the right to defend against those charges.

An alleged drunken driver was recently charged with murder in the death of a Denver-area teen. The 40-year old driver allegedly ran a red light and slammed his SUV into the passenger vehicle driven by the 17-year old boy. The man is facing charges of first-degree murder, vehicular homicide DUI and driving under the influence, among other charges. The man allegedly had a blood alcohol content level four times the legal limit and allegedly attempted to flee the scene in his SUV. The man was driving without a Colorado driver's license and has been arrested at least twice before on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police seeking man south of Denver for domestic violence charges

Any party facing criminal charges in Colorado should promptly consider a strong, and effective, criminal defense to those charges.

Police recently announced that they are seeking a domestic violence suspect. The man, accused of domestic violence, allegedly menaced a witness. The 19-year old man is wanted by police on warrants for retaliation against a witness, menacing and obstructing justice related to an alleged domestic violence incident. The man is believed to be located south of Denver.

DUI enforcement increased throughout Colorado for holiday

DUI charges are serious charges that can carry stiff penalties and a potentially negative impact on the future of the accused party.

The state of Colorado saw increased DUI enforcement for the recent Saint Patrick's Day holiday. Nearly 90 percent of all state law enforcement agencies will be conducting increased patrols over the holiday. Across the state, and in Denver, police are warning people not to drive if people have been drinking or using drugs, including marijuana use. In 2013, police arrested 486 people for DUI over the Saint Patrick's Day holiday weekend.

Man arrested north of Denver on drug charges following explosion

Those facing drug charges are also facing serious consequences if convicted which is why a strong criminal defense strategy is important.

A man was recently arrested just northwest of Denver on drug charges after an apartment exploded. The apartment was heavily damaged but there were no injuries reported. The man has been charged with several crimes, including reckless endangerment and unlawful possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance. The man was allegedly attempting to make a high-potency extraction of marijuana when the explosion took place.

Colorado to begin push against drugged driving

Drugged driving charges are serious and should be met with the preparation of a strong criminal defense.

Soon the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will begin a campaign to warn people about smoking marijuana and driving. The campaign is called "Drive High, Get a DUI." Under Colorado's intoxicated driving law, drunk and drugged driving are combined into a single category. CDOT and others note that this is one of the reasons numbers and data on drugged driving have been difficult to collect and more information on the problem is needed. Some Colorado law enforcement agencies were, however, able to provide drugged driving figures; for instance, 27 people have been arrested for marijuana DUI since last July.

Colorado man facing domestic violence charges following arrest

A 21-year-old man was recently arrested an hour south of Denver on suspicion of domestic violence assault at a hospital. The same man was arrested the week before on allegations that he assaulted the same person whom he allegedly assaulted in the hospital a week later. According to reports, after a brief pursuit on foot, police apprehended and arrested the man, who was taken to jail. Two others were apparently arrested in connection with the search for the man.

The threat of violence may be a concern facing some families and in other situations involving intimate partners. In general, family violence is a concern in our society today - but it is important not to jump to conclusions based solely on allegations and stories published from the police's point of view. Those accused have rights to be protected.

Over 300 people arrested in for DUI over Super Bowl weekend

According to a recent report, more than 300 people were arrested in Colorado on suspicion of DUI over the recent Super Bowl weekend. In total, 315 drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol were arrested. Over the Super Bowl weekend the most arrests occurred in the Denver area. The arrests were made as part of the "Heat is On" enforcement campaign, which is next scheduled for enforcement over the St. Patrick's Day weekend.

DUI charges can have a significant impact of the life of an average person. Criminal and administrative penalties can follow if the accused party is convicted of the DUI charge. DUI allegations can also result in a felony charge in some cases. Fines, jail or prison time, driver's license suspension and required community service hours can all result from DUI charges.

Area events aimed at ending violence toward women and girls

Family violence is a serious concern for society which is why legal resources exist for those impacted by family violence.

Just north of Denver, the city of Boulder and Boulder schools, including the university, are supporting

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