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What is a felony charge and why is it serious?

Through both legal and everyday conversations, most individuals are aware that felony charges are serious charges. Some people might wonder what makes felonies so serious and how felony charges might be distinguished from other types of criminal charges. In general, felonies, unlike misdemeanors, are crimes that can be punished by more than one year in prison. Misdemeanors, on the other hand, are punishable by less than one year in jail.

Felonies are defined by the place of incarceration, as well as the length of incarceration; felony sentences are typically served in state prisons, whereas misdemeanor sentences are served in a local jail. Additional penalties, such as fines, also are possible following a felony conviction.

Colorado authorities seeking man wanted for domestic violence

It can be important to know how to respond to domestic violence allegations because of the serious consequences that can result from domestic violence charges. In a Colorado community northwest of Denver, police are searching for a man accused of domestic violence. Authorities are looking for the 37-year old man wanted for domestic assault charges. The man is facing charges including second-degree assault against an at-risk adult, as well as third-degree assault against an at-risk individual. Police responded to the alleged domestic violence incident and an investigation lead to the allegations against the 37-year old man.

Domestic violence is serious for all parties involved in an alleged domestic violence incident. For the party facing accusations of domestic violence, it can mean a damaged reputation, a criminal record and a variety of penalties and unpleasant consequences. An arrest for domestic violence charges can create a potentially damaging criminal record and a domestic violence conviction can lead to a loss of freedom and other liberties such as the right to own a firearm.

Colorado man faces weapons charge after alleged weapons discharge

For anyone facing weapons charges, or other criminal charges, it is important to understand criminal defense rights and how to exercise those rights. A man is facing weapons, and other, charges after he allegedly discharged a weapon during a road rage incident in a neighboring community northwest of Denver. According to police, the 23-year old man refused to allow another vehicle into a parking lot as he was exiting it. An argument followed and the man allegedly fired a weapon over the other vehicle. Following the incident, police found the vehicle the man was driving unoccupied at an apartment complex. Police observed a man entering the vehicle and driving away.

Police then pulled the man over and he was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The man has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and prohibited use of a weapon, among other charges. Both weapons charges and DUI charges require a serious defense strategy and zealous criminal defense because both can have a significant impact on the daily life of the accused party.

Police arrest man in Colorado for domestic violence warrants

A strong criminal defense strategy may avoid the damaging and serious consequences of a domestic violence conviction. A man accused of domestic violence was recently arrested in a neighboring community northwest of Denver. The man was arrested near a popular retailer in the nearby area. According to authorities, they were called to the location because a man accused of felony domestic violence was there. According to police, the 21-year old suspect attempted to run from them when he saw police. The man was apprehended and arrested on felony and misdemeanor domestic violence warrants which were out for his arrest.

Domestic violence can impact the lives and many parties involved in a domestic violence incident. A party accused of domestic violence can face consequences stemming from domestic violence charges for some time to come following the incident. Because of this, it is important for a party facing allegations of domestic violence and domestic violence charges to understand the different criminal defense options that may be available.

296 arrested for DUI over July 4 weekend in Colorado

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 296 people were arrested for DUI statewide over the Fourth of July weekend. Denver police made 48 DUI-related arrests, Aurora police arrested 35, Colorado Springs police arrested 22 and the Colorado State Patrol arrested 30. The arrests and subsequent charges were part of Colorado's "The Heat is On" campaign, a statewide program that focuses on increased enforcement during 12 time periods each year, including national holidays and large public events.

DUI charges can lead to serious penalties including incarceration, fines, community service and license revocation. If the individual has multiple prior DUI convictions, or caused an accident resulting in death or serious injury, they can be charged with a felony and may face decades in prison if convicted.

Colorado man facing drug charges for alleged meth in Walmart

Drug charges should always be taken seriously because so much can be threatened by them. A man was recently arrested northwest of Denver, in a neighboring community, for allegedly having a large quantity of methamphetamine on him, as well as a loaded firearm. According to police, the 26-year old man was approached by an officer in a Walmart as he was attempting to shoplift merchandise from the store. The man was allegedly uncooperative and told police he had a handgun. The man was arrested on a special offense drug charge and several other felony charges.

While drug laws have undergone some recent changes, some drug laws have remained unchanged. In any event, drug charges remain a serious issue for anyone faced with them. Both the freedom and future of the accused person may be threatened when drug charges are involved. Drug charges can lead to prison time, fines and a damaged reputation. Depending on the amount of drugs the accused party is alleged to have, drug charges, and possible consequences, can increase.

Increased number of DUI checkpoints across Colorado for holiday

A strong criminal defense may be an accused party's most valuable tool when faced with criminal allegations and charges. Often during holiday periods, law enforcement agencies increase DUI patrols. Recently, over the Fourth of July holiday, police throughout Colorado increased DUI patrols. Roving DUI checkpoints were set up and locations and times for the checkpoints were not provided.

Last year's enforcement period resulted in 507 arrests throughout the state. According to authorities, over 26,000 people are arrested in Colorado each year for DUI. It is notable that DUIs can cost over 10,000 and those convicted of a DUI offense can face jail time, suspended driver's license, fines and other penalties and consequences.

Colorado police officer facing prescription drug charges

It is important to keep in mind that according to our criminal justice system, each accused party has the right to defend against any criminal charges against them. A police officer from a neighboring community northwest of Denver was recently arrested on drugs possession charges. According to police, the police officer received prescriptions drugs from three different doctors. The three doctors stated that they were not aware of the prescriptions the officer allegedly had from other doctors. The police officer is accused of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or deceit.

The police officer also allegedly crashed into a mailbox and hit a curb on his way home from work one evening and is now also facing charges of leaving an accident scene, careless driving and failure to report an accident. The police officer was placed on administrative leave without pay. For some individuals, prescription drug charges or drug charges may be the first time the party has had contact with the criminal justice system. Any contact with the criminal justice system as an individual accused with a crime can be overwhelming. Drug charges can have a dramatic impact of the life of the accused party.

DUI enforcement increase in Colorado for music festival

DUI charges have the potential to alter the life of the average person. Colorado State Patrol recently increased DUI enforcement for a country music festival that takes place in Colorado several hours west of the Denver area. According to authorities, twenty-three troopers were on patrol and enforcing traffic violations. Speeding violations were used by troopers to determine if drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol. Drivers caught driving impaired can go to jail and face fines up to $10,000. During the first several days of the country music festival, eleven drivers were caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI charges can have a significant impact on the life of an average person. Penalties can include a loss of freedom, including imprisonment. Time and money may also be required of the party facing DUI allegations. The accused party may be required to pay fines if convicted and perform community service hours. The average person facing serious charges such as DUI charges can also face the suspension and revocation of a driver's license, as well as points assessed to a license. These penalties can increase with multiple DUIs.

Denver Police Department detective arrested for domestic violence

Domestic violence impacts the lives of many people in a variety of ways. A Denver-area police officer was recently arrested on domestic violence, and other, charges. Authorities arrested the officer for domestic violence, child abuse, reckless endangerment and prohibited use of weapons. The police officer that was arrested has been a detective at the Denver Police Department since 2004. A Denver Police Department spokesperson stated that the officer has been placed on desk duty pending resolution of the allegations and charges against him.

Penalties for domestic violence can have far-reaching consequences into the life of an accused party. Penalties can range from jail time to domestic violence classes which include a potential loss of freedom, time and cost. In addition, criminal charges alone can create a criminal record which can threaten an accused party's ability to own or possess a firearm.

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