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296 arrested for DUI over July 4 weekend in Colorado

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 296 people were arrested for DUI statewide over the Fourth of July weekend. Denver police made 48 DUI-related arrests, Aurora police arrested 35, Colorado Springs police arrested 22 and the Colorado State Patrol arrested 30. The arrests and subsequent charges were part of Colorado's "The Heat is On" campaign, a statewide program that focuses on increased enforcement during 12 time periods each year, including national holidays and large public events.

DUI charges can lead to serious penalties including incarceration, fines, community service and license revocation. If the individual has multiple prior DUI convictions, or caused an accident resulting in death or serious injury, they can be charged with a felony and may face decades in prison if convicted.

Colorado man facing drug charges for alleged meth in Walmart

Drug charges should always be taken seriously because so much can be threatened by them. A man was recently arrested northwest of Denver, in a neighboring community, for allegedly having a large quantity of methamphetamine on him, as well as a loaded firearm. According to police, the 26-year old man was approached by an officer in a Walmart as he was attempting to shoplift merchandise from the store. The man was allegedly uncooperative and told police he had a handgun. The man was arrested on a special offense drug charge and several other felony charges.

While drug laws have undergone some recent changes, some drug laws have remained unchanged. In any event, drug charges remain a serious issue for anyone faced with them. Both the freedom and future of the accused person may be threatened when drug charges are involved. Drug charges can lead to prison time, fines and a damaged reputation. Depending on the amount of drugs the accused party is alleged to have, drug charges, and possible consequences, can increase.

Increased number of DUI checkpoints across Colorado for holiday

A strong criminal defense may be an accused party's most valuable tool when faced with criminal allegations and charges. Often during holiday periods, law enforcement agencies increase DUI patrols. Recently, over the Fourth of July holiday, police throughout Colorado increased DUI patrols. Roving DUI checkpoints were set up and locations and times for the checkpoints were not provided.

Last year's enforcement period resulted in 507 arrests throughout the state. According to authorities, over 26,000 people are arrested in Colorado each year for DUI. It is notable that DUIs can cost over 10,000 and those convicted of a DUI offense can face jail time, suspended driver's license, fines and other penalties and consequences.

Colorado police officer facing prescription drug charges

It is important to keep in mind that according to our criminal justice system, each accused party has the right to defend against any criminal charges against them. A police officer from a neighboring community northwest of Denver was recently arrested on drugs possession charges. According to police, the police officer received prescriptions drugs from three different doctors. The three doctors stated that they were not aware of the prescriptions the officer allegedly had from other doctors. The police officer is accused of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or deceit.

The police officer also allegedly crashed into a mailbox and hit a curb on his way home from work one evening and is now also facing charges of leaving an accident scene, careless driving and failure to report an accident. The police officer was placed on administrative leave without pay. For some individuals, prescription drug charges or drug charges may be the first time the party has had contact with the criminal justice system. Any contact with the criminal justice system as an individual accused with a crime can be overwhelming. Drug charges can have a dramatic impact of the life of the accused party.

DUI enforcement increase in Colorado for music festival

DUI charges have the potential to alter the life of the average person. Colorado State Patrol recently increased DUI enforcement for a country music festival that takes place in Colorado several hours west of the Denver area. According to authorities, twenty-three troopers were on patrol and enforcing traffic violations. Speeding violations were used by troopers to determine if drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol. Drivers caught driving impaired can go to jail and face fines up to $10,000. During the first several days of the country music festival, eleven drivers were caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI charges can have a significant impact on the life of an average person. Penalties can include a loss of freedom, including imprisonment. Time and money may also be required of the party facing DUI allegations. The accused party may be required to pay fines if convicted and perform community service hours. The average person facing serious charges such as DUI charges can also face the suspension and revocation of a driver's license, as well as points assessed to a license. These penalties can increase with multiple DUIs.

Denver Police Department detective arrested for domestic violence

Domestic violence impacts the lives of many people in a variety of ways. A Denver-area police officer was recently arrested on domestic violence, and other, charges. Authorities arrested the officer for domestic violence, child abuse, reckless endangerment and prohibited use of weapons. The police officer that was arrested has been a detective at the Denver Police Department since 2004. A Denver Police Department spokesperson stated that the officer has been placed on desk duty pending resolution of the allegations and charges against him.

Penalties for domestic violence can have far-reaching consequences into the life of an accused party. Penalties can range from jail time to domestic violence classes which include a potential loss of freedom, time and cost. In addition, criminal charges alone can create a criminal record which can threaten an accused party's ability to own or possess a firearm.

Multiple drug arrests made throughout Colorado

Drug enforcement can be significant in Colorado which is why it is important for those facing drug charges to understand their rights. Twenty-eight people suspected of involvement in two drug distribution rings were recently arrested throughout Colorado. A federal grand jury indicted fifty-four people on drug, weapons and other charges. The organizations involved in the arrests allegedly trafficked cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. Police also recovered two firearms, $40,000 and two pounds of methamphetamine. Other evidence was recovered as part of the on-going investigation.

Federal, state and local authorities cooperated to make the arrests throughout the state. According to the U.S. Attorney, of the two drug distribution rings, one has ties to a street gang that originated in another major U.S. city and the other has ties to a source for drugs in northern Mexico. While all drug charges can be significant, drug trafficking and drug distribution charges can be particularly significant.

Elway's son arrested for alleged domestic violence incident

It is important that any party facing domestic violence charges take those charges, and potential consequences, seriously. John Elway's son, Jack Elway, was recently arrested for a domestic violence incident that allegedly took place in Denver. The younger Elway is facing disturbing the peace and assault charges following the alleged incident. According to reports, Elway allegedly pushed a 23-year old woman out of a moving car at a Denver intersection. Although the nature of the alleged victim's injuries was not immediately clear, an order of protection for the victim was issued. The 24-year old Elway played football at Arizona State but quit the team in 2009; his father reportedly bonded him out of jail on a $550 bond.

Even those who do not have a well-known name can suffer from a damaged reputation that can follow domestic violence allegations. The punishment associated with a domestic violence conviction can be significant. Penalties can cost the accused party both freedom and money. The punishment for a domestic violence conviction can include jail time, domestic violence classes and therapy, as well as the possibility of a criminal record.

Marine accused of "drunken rampage" in Colorado

A Marine is facing several charges following what has been described as an alleged "drunken rampage" in Colorado. The Marine allegedly broke into a dog kennel and let several dogs loose onto a busy highway. He is accused of then going to a nearby local car dealership and breaking the windows of multiple vehicles. He is also accused of breaking the door and glass to gain access to the building and vandalizing copiers and computers within the dealership. Police apprehended the Marine when he was allegedly attempting to set a calendar on fire. The car dealership is estimated to have had $15,000 in damage, while the dog kennel estimates $5,000 in damages were done.

The Marine will likely face several felony charges, including arson, criminal mischief and criminal tampering for releasing the dogs from the kennel. Officials noted that he had not served in combat and are awaiting results of drug tests. The Marine was in Colorado for training but he was based in another state; the base noted it is waiting for the civilian investigation to be completed to determine if it will also take action.

Colorado event to understand domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious concern for everyone impacted by it. A recent two-day event in Colorado was aimed at helping people better understand how to get out of domestic violence situations. According to officials, the event will also help educate the public about the impact of domestic violence on the community. Officials note that while one in three women can be the victim of domestic violence during their lifetime, one in 10 men can also be the victim of domestic violence during their lifetime.

Domestic violence arrests in the Colorado community a few hours from Denver were 110 misdemeanors and 34 felonies for both men and women during January through March. Domestic violence impacts many families, and family violence can be a serious concern for our society, victims and those facing domestic violence accusations. Those facing a conviction for domestic violence can expect to potentially receive jail time, domestic violence classes and sometimes, most importantly, the impact of a criminal record.

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